Based in the South Western suburbs of Punchbowl, the Sydney Muslim Cyclists Club was officially launched in January 2015 as a social club for like minded people with a passion for cycling. The club is open for all people regardless of ethnicity, colour or creed.

SMC’s core focus is to help build bridges with in the Australian community through the love of cycling. We are actively participating in charitable events, helping raise much needed revenue for all of humanity. You can view our charitable efforts by clicking here.

The club was officially formed in February 2015 due to the growing number of participants and a lack of cycling clubs in the region. Registrations are not exclusive and are open to all Australians who wish to join in on a healthy lifestyle and have good clean fun.

Our members vary in cycling ability from the veterans to the casual weekly riders. We aim to cater for all different types of levels from easy weekly rides to intense training rides. We also participate in local events mainly organised through Bicycle NSW including an event organised by one of our members in co-operation with AIM which helps raise funds for the Westmead Childrens Hospital.

Uncle Jack’s sign is still untouched to this very day and since his passing in 2010, cycling in Punchbowl and the surrounding suburbs has diminished. We as a club hope to inject that passion back into the local community and help restore his legacy. To learn more about Jack Walsh click here.

If you would like to be a part of this warm and welcoming club then sign up with us today.